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About Us

Double Nice Digital is a small, passionate post production house.

Double Nice Digital was founded on a simple idea. That high quality post production should be available to every film no matter how big or small. We  know that finding the right editor can be a shifty experience, as it is often difficult to find an editor that operates on the same wavelength as the production creative team, which could be a quite a gamble once the time and cost is considered. At Double Nice Digital, we take the stress out of the production and seek to provide a pleasant experience with a thorough understanding of each client’s needs.

We love the art of story telling. At our core we are story tellers, we get a rush everytime we mold raw footage into a finished product. We want to help you tell your story the way it was meant to be told. We are passionate about every piece we work on as it is our endeavor to bring as many strories to life as we can. It is our misson to provide film productions with a personalized, high-­ quality, and fast editing experience to ensure that the production results in a deliverable to match the content.

To view our work, go to the "Our Work" page or visit our IMDB by clicking on the button above.

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