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Our clients come to us with the expectation that their post production needs will not only be met, but exceded. They expect the same level of passion that they have for their production, to be reciprocated by the staff of Double Nice Digital. In other words, our clients expect high quality work from high quality people, and here at Double Nice Digital, we give them just that.


"Double Nice Digital edited our movie "Kruel" and not only helped put it together, but also brought it to life. It's apparent the great amount of knowledge they have for their craft, and they know how to put together a full-length feature film. They have a technical aspect as well as a creative aspect and they suggested editing ideas to make our film even better. 


They completed the editing in a timely manner and were quick to respond to my emails and questions. It's obvious how passionate they are about the films they edit and I appreciate their part in Kruel. I hope I get to work with them again in the near future."  -Kierney Nelson, Lead Actress on "Kruel" 


"Double Nice Digital (Matthew Lennon) was referred to me by several highly respected crew members who made it clear that he was one of the most talented editors they had worked with during their education at Full Sail University. We had already completed principal photography on our feature film “Kruel” when I hired Matt as our editor, but in literally no time, Matt was able to put together a teaser trailer of the movie which we used to raise some additional post production funds. I cannot thank Matt enough for his dedication, focus and professional attitude during the long challenging post production process. Matt constantly pushed me and my ideas to achieve a product that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Matt Lennon to anyone seeking a talented, dedicated, hardworking editor for their project – you will not be disappointed!."  -Robert Henderson, President of Boo Reese Productions 

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